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first step into web design

I have degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, this means that I'm a huge nerd, it also means that I should, under no circumstances, attempt to design things. What happens when programmers try to design graphics? Normally they come out badly, our brains just aren't wired for making things look nice. There are of course exceptions, but do a google image search for "programmer graphics" and you will find thousands of examples of terrible, terrible artwork. Here is one I found that exemplifies what I'm talking about

Scary isn't it? Well us programmers and mathematicians should be kept far far away from designing things. We also like to break the rules and in that spirit I would like to announce that my first wholly designed site is now live. It is for my friend Tim's band, Cap City Quest.

I think the design is passable, what with blueprint css and jquery plugins, these websites basically make themselves these days. Making it did reinforce a very good lesson, Do what you are good at, farm out the rest

So this was my first step into an actual public facing site design. I think I did ok, if you have suggestions feel free to leave them here. If you want me to design you a site with sweet delicious jquery and blueprint and maybe even some dynamic content, leave me a comment. This site took about 10-12 hours of work, it was a quick one off project, but I enjoyed it.

If you missed the link up above, go and view it now Cap City Quest

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