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Disclaimer: This post is shameless, and I mean really, really shameless, self-promotion.

If you have ever been on this site before you may recognize the name prosper. Prosper is my attempt at creating something of value for the PHP community. For anyone is following along at GitHub, you may have noticed that there hasn't been much work done in the last few weeks, what's the deal?! Well, don't fret, prosper is still under active development but it has been frozen for a few reasons.

  1. It was the holidays, and I was doing this weird thing where you interact with humans

  2. I've been seeking, and receiving, feedback from some key users

  3. I will be giving a live demo of Prosper and have been working on that demo more than the library as of late

"A Live Demo?" you say bedeviled by the notion. Don't worry you don't all need to cram into my apartment to see some technological wizardry, all you need to do is head on over to CodeMash, then at 3:00 on Thursday head to room E. The awesome company that I work for, HMB is sponsoring CodeMash and have selected me to give a presentation on this crazy open source project they've heard I wrote.

I've been working on a very minimal PowerPoint, because I know people can read so there is no point in me reading to them. At the end of the presentation though will be a live demo building up a simple database backed PHP application for managing all the fond memories of CodeMash, a quote board. In case you are unaware, building an application in front of people is incredibly nerve-wracking, which is why for the next 5 days I will be building this application over and over while talking to absolutely no one, to the confusion of my poor neighbors.

Live demos have a fantastic way of just going all wrong, as Bill will demonstrate

I'm not trying to poke fun at Mr. Gates (for once), giving a presentation in front of people, with new software is never a fun experience, and bad things© do happen. I will be practicing and practicing and practicing, and after that I will probably be practicing, for this presentation to make it the best it can be.

In other prosper news, I have set up to be the new home of prosper (currently just a forward to here, although the update is still working its way through GoDaddy's intertubes so you may get a parking page for a while). I am working with my good friend Ashley Kruso to get a new logo for prosper. Once I have the new logo I will begin building a new web home for prosper that will be all kinds of pretty. This is all in the run-up to Prosper 1.0, which is a goal for this year, but I haven't quite nailed down when.

It's all steam ahead on Prosper, thanks to the contributions and support of many people. When I started this project a few months ago I would not have been able to guess what it would turn into, so thanks to everyone that has helped or is going to help. By month's end there should be a 0.8 release that will have all kinds of new fun stuff including deferred result sets and lots of bug fixes from my friend who was kind enough to evaluate Prosper, Ian.


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