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prosper 0.6

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I plan to have another real post later today, just wanted to announce a point release for the prosper library. Prosper development has been moving along and I am happy to announce that I just slapped the finishing touches on version 0.6.

Here is the 10 cent tour of the new stuff

  • Changed the configuration system to take constants instead of string literals

  • Added support for the older mysql library in addition to the mysqli library

  • Refactored adapters internally for more concise and logical class layout

  • Moved project to GitHub

  • Adapters are lazy loading now, this allows the configuration to be done with minimal overhead. This functionality also allows for unit testing

  • Added phpDoc Documentation to the project

  • Added GitHub frontpage documentation and project roadmap

There is a new download available on GitHub that contains all the documentation and source code. Since prosper is still in the 0.* stage it may be best to just clone or fork the source, a look at the 0.7 roadmap shows that there is still a bunch of work to be done.

If you want to help there are several ways that you can provide support

  • Use prosper and submit issues

  • Join the project*

  • Give me some feedback*

If you want to join up or give me feedback just send an email to with prosper in the subject line

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