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leaving on a jetplane

[caption id="attachment_735" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Oh captain poopy-pants is cranky, he didn\'t get his FAA regulated maditory nap-time."]baby riding plane[/caption]

Well as Central Ohio prepares for another 4 to 8 inches of snow today I just printed my boarding pass for tomorrow. I'm off to the most exciting place on earth, Indiana. I will be meeting up with the newly assembled SOA team, hopefully hitting the ground running making all kinds of fun message flows and translation logic. I'm excited because when I wrote climbing a mountain on November 6th, 2009 this was the mountain I was talking about. The road to get started has been mired in difficulties so far, we've accomplished a lot just none of the programming yet. This week will hopefully be when the tools get handed over and I get the keys to dad's car, so to speak.

What this means for me is the joys of post-9/11 nudity body scanners to take a 1 hour flight to Chicago to drive 45 minutes to a small town in Indiana. What this means for you is that between the jet-lag, long hours, corporate face time, synergy backflow, and spotty hotel internet there may not be any blog posts for a while. I know that this is a sad announcement, whatever will you do without me ranting everyday about technology?! Well this is my 91st post, and if you haven't been a reader from the beginning I suggest you dive into the archives, there are a ton of fun and interesting posts back there. If you don't want to dig around in the guts of this site like a blind man searching for a nickel, then look at the top of the right-hand sidebar, those are the most popular posts by hits. Other people, sentient human beings read those posts a lot, had nice conversations about them in the comments, and in general found them to be entertaining or informative.

Unlike other blogs comments never close at and I haven't become jaded enough to stop reading the comments. Every time someone has a witty thing to add to the conversation I get an email about it, I read that email, sometimes I reply in the comment thread, if you are extra special lucky you may even get an email reply.

I hope to be able to post at least once in my absence, maybe while waiting for the snow to get cleared so that we can leave, but it may not happen. Fret not though, there is a wealth to read and enjoy, most of the stuff I write isn't really time sensitive (although some of the bad jokes might be). Thank you for reading, once I take care of this pesky job that allows me to pay for the hosting that provides you with free entertainment, I will be back to write more.

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