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road trip

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I have a road trip coming up, one of those magical adventures where you sit quietly staring at the vast cornfields of the rust belt trying to keep from falling asleep and crashing into a cow or something. I've been preparing for this road trip and decided that instead of trying to find 5 hours worth of music to listen to that I could multitask and read while driving!

No I'm not some sort of superhero that can both read a book and drive, I am of course talking about audiobooks. Being a nerd I already have some audiobooks, I have Jon Stewart's America and Steven Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You!) but I thought that I could get some sweet programming knowledge in my brain while on the road. And so I have set out to find the best programming audiobooks / podcasts around, and I need your help!

So here is the challenge, if you so choose to accept it. Help me assemble a sweet list of programming audiobooks / podcasts, then I will subject them to my brain for 10 hours and come back and write a review of the good, bad, and ugly. Together we can produce the go to list for programmer road trip aural stimulation. Leave a comment with any audiobook / podcast related to programming, software development, or any other sufficiently nerdy subject. Let the miracle of crowdsourcing begin!!!


  1. I can't vouch for any of these...

    Official Jquery Podcasts: iTunes
    PHP architect:
    Linux Outlaws:
    Drupal Easy:


  2. I have looked for good programming podcasts too, but was disappointed. I think this has to do with the wildy different subjects and skill-levels in programming. One PHP programmer could do one thing that is of no interest at all to another PHP programmer, let alone another Ruby programmer.

    Secondly, and personally, I'm a very visual person and I need to see code and examples to really learn. I can hear some ideas but not a lot sticks.

    The Lullabot podcast for everything Drupal.
    Python 411 for Python.

    If you find good stuff let me know!