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prosper 0.8

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As the "pay the bills" work has gotten more fast and furious these last couple of months, Prosper development has started getting less and less priority. Today though I would like to announce that Propser v0.8 is officially ready for consumption. This is still a pre-1.0 release so its use in your multi-million dollar project should wait a while still.

Prosper is currently very stable and its stability is increasing as Unit Tests are being written, ferreting out many tiny bugs. Right now the MySQL and SQL Server adapters are the most heavily tested adapters, but full test coverage is a priority before the 1.0 release.

There are a lot of new things to be excited about, a new AREL inspired way to handle result sets by making the query object itself iterable. This new semantic way of working separates processing from execution and provides a nice new way to interact with the data backend. Support has been added for the GROUP BY and HAVING SQL clauses.

Prosper has a new home which will be getting a snazzy new design just as soon as I free up a couple of hours to make one. I have worked with the incredibly talented Ashley Kruso to get a new logo designed for Prosper.

Big thanks to Ian Potter who provided bug reports and even some nifty patches that have been incorporated into this release. It's your turn to go forth, play with Prosper, and submit to me feedback. Happy PHPing.

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